Hello and welcome to OBJECT Watch!

This is the blog dedicated to the work of OBJECT:


In their own words:

OBJECT challenges ‘sex object culture’ – the ever increasing sexual objectification of women in the media and popular culture through lads’ mags, advertising or lap dancing clubs.

Sex object culture has been driven by the mainstreaming of the porn and sex industries and is recognised by research, women’s organisations and human rights treaties as promoting the attitudes associated with discrimination and violence against women (1).

We raise awareness of the links between sex object culture and sexism because of the need to tackle the attitudes underpinning inequality and violence against women.

OBJECT Watch is here to hold OBJECT accountable and to try and open a dialogue between OBJECT and other anti-sex industry organisations, and those of us who have differing views.

OBJECT Watch has only come about because OBJECT are very difficult to communicate with. So far they haven’t replied to any emails, or even a lonely tweet!

Please feel free to join the watch, or to tell us we are barking up the wrong tree, or to just come and have a chat about your views experience of feminism, sex industry, porn, objectification.

Thank you.

Object Watch


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